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What to do in Sark

There is truly a lot do to in Sark and the main source of info is the Sark Tourist Office . We are presenting only a selection of what is on offer

La Petite Poule

La Petite Poule in the Avenue is always nice and friendly and very popular.

Swimming and sun bathing

There are several beaches in Sark, Dixcart bay, pictures below, being one of them

A visit to Dixcart Bay may be followed by lunch or dinner at Stocks

Stocks Hotel

Seigneurie gardens

Set between flower-strewn granite walls, mature woodland and the towers and crenellations of one of the most historic buildings in Sark, La Seigneurie Gardens provide a tranquil contrast to the windswept wildness of the island’s beautiful coast. The formal walled garden is one of the finest in the Channel Islands


Hathaway's is a very popular cafe offering an intersting menu.

La Coupee

If you want to visit Little Sark (and a visit is indeed recommended) you walk across La Coupee.

La Sablonnerie Hotel

The rewarded La Sablonnerie Hotel  at Little Sark is a great place both for the afternoon tea in the garden or for lunch/dinner.

The Remains of the Silver Mines

Walk around the remains of the silver mines on Little Sark, an important part of Sark's history as it explains how the present Seigneur and his family obtained their position. The silver mines operated from 1835 to 1847.

Venus Pool

At low tide you can also see the Venus pool.  

The Henge

A new attraction would be the henge on the Derrible headland.

The henge is  a ring of stones is being erected to mark 450 years since Queen Elizabeth the First granted Sark to the Seigneur of St Ouen on 6th August 1565. Dr Richard Axton has designed the project with help from Jeremy and Sam La Trobe-Bateman. The ring is made up of nine old gatestones of pink Jersey granite, donated by Jess Hester, and is standing on Derrible headland to salute the ancestors in St Ouen. Follow signs through the field to Derrible and swing left instead of going down to the Bay.

Tibetan Carving

Another recent attraction is the Tibetan carving towards the north of the island at l'Eperquerie. Not easy to find so ask at the tourist office.

This outcrop of granite, naturally occurring on Sark, and particularly on the Eperquerie Common at the north end of Sark, is known as the Monks Stone. It was carved in celebration of the Millennium by a Tibetan Buddhist monk, who came over in 1999, complete with typical robes, no English but a big smile, with a friend. Together they went all over the island searching for somewhere to engrave their blessing. This was not a random decision by the monk to come here, but it was in response to a request by somebody who either lived on Sark, or loved Sark, and wanted to help the Tibetan cause.

Boat trips around the island

To discover the amazing beauty of Sark’s coast and its wildlife then join George Guille on one of his daily around the island trips. George has been navigating the waters around Sark for over fifty years and his boat, Non Pareil, was purpose built on the island. The trip takes 2 ½ to 3 hours and takes in Sark’s islets, caves and fascinating rock formations as well as the island’s wonderful birdlife including the resident peregrine falcons. George also reveals the best bathing spots and hidden bays around Sark as well as giving a fascinating account of the island’s history and life here today.
Call George on 01481 832107 to book a trip, or book at Sark Visitor Centre 01481 832345.

You can see the times of service on display outside the Sark glass shop in the Avenue.

Adventure Sark

For a truly active holiday, do join Adventure Sark and take part in one (or several) of the activities offered. More information here

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