Luggage - Beau Vista - Sark

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We want to make sure that your travel to and from Sark is as easy as possible. For your luggage to be transported for you, please follow these steps:


1. Clearly label your luggage
Write you Name, Sark Address and Contact Number on the green labels available from Sark Shipping in Guernsey.

2. Bring it to the boat quay
Your luggage will be loaded on and off the boat for you and onto Jimmy's trailer. No need to wait on the quay in Sark.

3. Wait for it to arrive
As long as you have clearly labelled your luggage it will arrive promptly at your address. Sit back and relax...


1. Call Jimmy to arrange
Call Jimmy the evening before you are due to travel to arrange for luggage pick up the next day.

Jimmy's Carting Services can be contacted on
01481 832573  or  07781 410855

2. Leave luggage outside
Write your Name, Boat Time and Contact Number on the green labels and leave your luggage outside by the road.

3. Collect it at destination
Your luggage will be collected, delivered to the harbour and loaded on and off the boat for you. You collect it from the quay at your destination.
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